Adventure awaits, but it won’t wait forever. Oregon is a stunningly diverse place when it comes to geology. Where else can you chart a few-hundred-mile loop that encompasses the best of what Oregon has to offer. The Classic is an epic week-long journey showcasing some of Oregon’s most spectacular vistas, pristine waters and fine Oregon community hospitality. Where small communities with rowdy past lives welcome you with a slap on the back and a kick in the pants. As you fill up on inspiration and hard-earned memories, you can feel good knowing that you’re not only having a great time – you’re helping support many unique and wonderful places. When it comes time to decide how to spend your time off, don’t settle for the usual. Choose the extraordinary. Ride with us.

The Ride

  • 2023 Date: September 9-16

  • 2023 Location: TBA January 24, 2023


Tent + Porter

If you want the star treatment for your camping experience, try the immensely popular Tent + Porter Service.

Imagine this: You arrive in camp and skip the trip to the baggage truck. Instead you head directly for a primo camping spot, where a spiffy Cycle Oregon tent has been set up for you with your luggage waiting outside. This process repeats itself every day. Tents fit one or two people, and the service comes with an additional fee for the week.

Tents are limited and available on a first-come, first-portered basis, so register early to ensure your spot. If two of you are sharing, only one person needs to sign up for the service. One or two chairs will be provided with each tent.

Sleeping bags and pads are not provided, please don’t forget to bring yours.

Getting There

  • Driving

    Cycle Oregon provides week-long parking for riders near the start/finish site. Parking passes are available for purchase in advance and security is provided from dusk to dawn.

    We will post specific directions to the parking area as we draw closer to the event.

  • Taking the Bus

    Want to skip the drive? Or maybe you are flying in to join us? Skip the hassle and ride out on a bus with your new friends. All buses depart from Portland on Day 0 and return on Day 7. Tickets are available for purchase in advance only.

  • Ship Your Bike

    If you’re flying or don’t want the hassle of dealing with your bike on the way to the event, ship your bike with BikeFlights.com to and from our event.

Ride Logistics

The idea is to have a relaxing, enjoyable week of riding. The key to that? Take care of as many details as possible beforehand. In our logistics section you’ll find pretty much everything you need to know to make your Cycle Oregon experience a great one.

  • Camp Services


    Hot showers will be provided at each overnight site. The showers come with dressing rooms, sinks, and even a laundry area to hand-wash clothes. Please remember to bring a towel or two, as we do not provide towels or toiletries.

    Rider Services

    Rider Services is the Cycle Oregon customer service department. You will find the Rider Services trailer in a visible location near the entrance to each overnight campsite. This is the place to ask questions, get help solving a problem, meet friends, leave a note on the message board or locate missing items at lost and found.

    Cycle Oregon Gift Shop

    The Cycle Oregon Gift Shop is where you’ll shop for Cycle Oregon merchandise including cycling gear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jewelry, sundries, and much more. You can also buy extra meal tickets there. Look for the Cycle Oregon Gift Shop near Rider Services.

    Medical Services

    A medical tent will be set up at the overnight site. There is no charge for medical services on the course or at the overnight site. We will not transport you to a medical facility unless it is a critical situation. If you require services from a local medical facility, you will be financially responsible.

    Electronics Charging

    Device charging is offered for all your personal devices at an additional fee. The electronics charging booth is unable to support ebike charging at this time.

    CPAP Service

    We will designate a camping area adjacent to the medical tent with electrical hookups for those who use equipment such as a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) or sleep machine. The medical crew will carry your CPAP equipment from site to site; this service is provided for an additional fee and does not include the use of a tent – you must provide your own or register for Tent & Porter. This service is limited to the first 30 people who sign up.


    The majestic mountains of Oregon seem mighty tall when you’re pedaling up them and knowing that a massage awaits you can make that climb a lot easier.

    After a long day in the saddle, bring your tired legs down to the massage tent. Our therapists use a variety of Swedish, deep-tissue and sports massage styles to keep you riding strong all week. Massage relieves muscle pain and tightness by stimulating circulation, helping you recover after extreme exertion and stopping spasms before they stop you from riding. Massage can be tailored to your pressure preferences and to the areas where you need it most.

    A little hint, when you’re choosing where to pop your tent for the night, you may want to set up away from the massage tent, as our music is loud and lively.


    Stretch out the muscles that get tight during cycling. These yoga classes will help you stay close to your breath this week. Not only will this help you feel better, but stretching can also help prevent injury. And you’ll meet other great people who like to do nice things for their bodies too. There are typically two sessions each afternoon, depending on the length of the riding day. Mats are provided. Check the daily schedule at Rider Services.

    Physical Therapist

    Megan Moseley, PT, LMT, of Bodywise Physical Therapy, will be available everyday after the ride for free injury consultations including a brief evaluation, hands-on treatments including myofascial release, graston, cupping, mobilization, kinesio-taping. Megan will educate you about the origin of your symptoms, instruct you in stretches, exercises, and self-care techniques to get you back on the road! Additionally, Megan will make recommendations for bike fit adjustments as needed.

    Get your CO adventure rolling early by attending Megan’s stretching, and injury prevention class on your first night in camp. This a fun, interactive, and educational class geared toward teaching you core exercises and stretches to balance your body, prevent injuries, and relieve pain you may have due to the repetitive stresses and chronic positioning related to cycling long distances.

    Bike Repair

    Bicycle technicians provide mechanical support on the route and at each overnight location. Technical support is available for emergency repairs of well-maintained equipment. It is your responsibility to make sure your bicycle arrives in good condition. Any repairs performed along the route will be basic in nature and designed to get you to camp for the evening.


    Over 60,000 people have made the week trip with one 65-pound bag; you can too! Here are three simple rules for bags:

    1. One bag per person. Everything goes in that bag – tent, clothes, etc.
    2. 65 pound limit. We hand move over 2,000 bags, twice a day. Please abide.
    3. Do not strap/lash bags together. This may injure baggage volunteers.

    Baggage Pickup
    Participants must pick up and deliver their own gear from the baggage trucks at each overnight camping area. Truck trailers are numbered and fitted with stairs. Remember to note the trailer in which you load your gear so you can locate it easily at the next site.

    Local volunteers are usually available to carry bags from the trucks to the campsite and, again in the morning, from the campsite to the trucks. We encourage you to tip the porters as this benefits local volunteer groups.

    Baggage Truck Departure
    Baggage must be dropped by a certain time each morning and picked up by a certain time each night. Riders are responsible for getting their bags to and from the baggage trucks by the designated times.

    Make Your Bag Easy to Identify
    Please mark your gear bag with additional personal identification tags (including a phone number). A distinctive tag, such as fluorescent tape or a colorful ribbon (don’t use pink, we use that for bus bags), will also help you locate your bag among the 1,999 others.

  • Food, Drink & Entertainment


    Cycle Oregon provides hearty and well-balanced breakfasts and dinners at each overnight site. On the course there are rest stops with a variety of prepared and packaged food and drink to keep you fueled. We offer vegetarian options at each meal; if you have other dietary concerns, please let us know in advance. Our daily menus will be posted here as soon as they are finalized, usually by early summer.

    Nightly Announcements

    Every evening, the Cycle Oregon community gathers around the Main Stage. The evening meeting is part communion and part comedy. It’s a great opportunity to get the latest weather forecast, hear tips about the next day’s route, learn about the places we’re visiting and catch up on some local folklore. Best of all, it’s always followed by terrific entertainment.

    Beer & Wine Garden and Whiskey Wagon

    Each night’s campsite will feature a beer garden with craft-brewed ales. There will also be a selection of great wines along with daily cocktail specials.

    Other Food Vendors

    Other food available for satisfying those after-ride cravings includes the revered Nossa Familia coffee and other local community specialties.


    Cycle Oregon showcases some of Oregon’s most talented performers, from country rockers to clog dancers, blues divas to jazz greats. Performances are scheduled each day on the Main Stage. After the nightly announcements we bring out our headliner act – these are some top-notch performances you won’t want to miss.

    Clinics & Lectures

    On the first night, we will lead a Classic 101 from the main stage. Please join us whether you’re a newbie or a veteran. Megan Moseley, Cycle Oregon’s resident PT will lead a clinic on injury prevention as well. Typically there are several lectures on Geology and History throughout the week to add context to the route. Check the schedule at Rider Services for more details.

  • Course Support

    Course Support

    Cycle Oregon prides itself on providing a fully supported ride. Our goal is to help you finish each day’s ride. To that end, our course is complete with the following services and amenities.

    Course Hours: 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (4 p.m. on Saturday)
    Course support services are available only during the course hours. If you leave before the course opens or are still riding after the course closes, there will be no support services available.

    All Cycle Oregon riders still on the course after 6:30 p.m. (4 p.m. on Saturday) will be offered a ride to camp. If you choose not to take the ride, you will be on your own to get back to camp. Additionally, Cycle Oregon retains the right to move riders ahead who are unreasonably far behind during appointed course hours..

    Food and Drink

    Rest Stops & Water Stops: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Rest stops will be available along the route each day to provide water, beverages and nutritious and delicious snacks. Rest Stop signs alert riders when one is just a mile ahead (or look for the banana on the route map). You can also see the location of each Rest Stop on the maps that will be inside the rider packet. In addition to the Rest Stops, one or two Water Stops per day will provide water and restrooms (indicated by a water bottle on the route map).

    Gear Drop

    Each day at the first rest stop and at lunch, you can drop off a limited amount of clothing to be taken to the evening’s campsite. This service is for small items such as jackets, tights, leggings, gloves, etc. No half-eaten sandwiches, half-stuffed panniers or other oddities will be transported. Gear drop can be picked up near Rider Services.

    SAG Vans

    There will be multiple SAG vans on the course each day. They are available to transport cyclists as needed due to mechanical problems or medical injuries. They also have extra water, snacks, and sunscreen if needed. If at any time you need assistance, please signal a SAG van with a “thumbs down” signal. If you do get into a SAG van, you may not be transported directly to camp. SAG vans typically wait until they are full to go to camp.

    There will be a SAG van available each morning to transport cyclists from site to site if cyclists are not feeling well or are injured. You’ll need to go to the Medical tent and get a release for riding the medical SAG.

    Bike Mechanics

    Mechanics provide support on the course, at rest stops and at lunch. They will make basic repairs in order to get you to an overnight campsite. Cyclists will incur any charges associated with parts or extensive repairs.

    Medical Service

    We have around-the-clock medical support on the course and in camp. If you require medical attention on the course, you should notify a SAG, ambulance or staff vehicle with the “thumbs down” signal.

    Safety Patrol

    Motorcycle safety patrol volunteers drive the Cycle Oregon course each day. They are a great source of information and assistance and enhance the overall safety of the ride by interacting with riders who may pose a hazard by unlawful or unsafe riding.

Rider Guests

Rider Guest Passes.

Space is very limited in some of our host sites, which limits our capacity for Rider Guests and Support Vehicles. We cannot accommodate personal vehicles beyond this limited capacity (even if it is just a Prius).

Vehicle Registration Fee

A registration fee is required for each Rider Guest/Support Vehicle. The fee includes access to the services provided at the overnight site including showers, restrooms, beer garden, daily entertainment, other food vendors, and medical tent. It does not include food. Food can be purchased for an additional fee during the registration process.

Important considerations about the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle parking program:

  • Vehicles must register –  Anyone accompanying a rider through the week in a vehicle must register through the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle program.
  • Tent Camping –  Some of the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle locations will have grass nearby for tent camping, others will not.
  • Rider Guests and Support Vehicles drive alternate routes to each overnight location – To enhance the safety of riders and their overall experience, Rider Guests and Support Vehicles will be asked to take alternate roads to the overnight site wherever possible (directions will be provided).
  • Rider Guests and Support Vehicle drivers are not registered riders, and so should not be riding the route each day.
  • Rider Guest/Support Vehicle campsites will be as close to the rider venues as possible –  While the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle area is not an RV park – more likely it’s a city park, someone’s field or a parking lot – hook-ups (water, electricity and dumping stations) are provided when available.
  • Quiet Hours – When possible, we try and locate vehicles that have generators separately from those without. In addition, the Rider Guest/Support Vehicle area will observe quiet hours (no generators) from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day.

Ride Archive

Relive rides of yore with our handy ride archive: