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Get On Your Game with Bodywise

Megan Moseley, PT, LMT, founder of Bodywise Physical Therapy, has helped hundreds of Cycle Oregon riders to be comfortable and strong in the saddle. She understands what you want from your Cycle Oregon experience and how you want to feel on the road because she’s been out there herself. She rode her first Cycle Oregon Classic 13 years ago and has been a fixture among us ever since as our official Physical Therapist. Megan leads the Bodywise team each day at Cycle Oregon events in supporting riders and, of course, kicks off every Classic with her stretching and injury prevention class on our first night in camp. 

“Cycle Oregon is an incredible experience no matter how you slice it, but being “on your game” can help you take your enjoyment to a whole new level. I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with pain and injuries that could have been prevented with a little bit of pre-ride prep. The more you’ve trained, the more fun you’ll have.” 

Megan has a fantastic “Advice From An Expert” feature on our website and also created a great 5-part series of instructional videos for Cycle Oregon riders called “Get On Your Game”. The full series is listed below to help keep you ready to ride. Consider this a virtual first-night-in-Classic-camp Bodywise class. 

“In this unprecedented time of crisis, our greatest resource is our own strength, and ability to be resilient. It is natural that we feel overwhelmed as our minds try desperately to figure a way out of the stress we are experiencing. This can zap our energy, and motivation, even to do the things we love, like get out and ride.” 

“One of the most powerful ways is to create a shift in your experience is to use your connection to your body to change your mindset. Cycling itself can be meditative with the repetitive motion, deep breathing, and connection to the world around us in a way that feels safe.”

Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced on April 23, 2020 that health care providers will be able to resume non-urgent medical procedures in May. Megan has informed us that Bodywise is working to extensively clean and prepare their facilities and will soon welcome clients with “extreme precaution” taken to provide necessary social distancing and other required protocols.

“Get On Your Game”

Each of the short videos below demonstrates a technique you can do at home on your own. There’s no specific order to follow but if you’d like more advice on a specific exercise or overall plan please be in touch with Megan and the Bodywise team directly by clicking here.

Get on Your Game – Stretch the Quads, Free the Knees

Get on Your Game – Balance Your Backside

 Get on Your Game – Amp Up Your Abs

Get on Your Game – Align the Spine

Get on Your Game – Conquer the Climb!

Read more on the Bodywise website about Megan and her work at Cycle Oregon along with numerous testimonials from riders.

Keep riding!

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