Day Three — Crater Lake

Trying to describe the beauty of Crater Lake is tough. Trying to describe the beauty of Crater Lake without resorting to tired cliché is even tougher. Let’s just say that Crater Lake is so stunning — so mind-numbingly astounding — that it can even make a recumbent look good. It’s so magnificent that even a Bike Friday takes on a hint of sculptural glow.

The fact is, if you’ve seen Crater Lake — particularly on a day as perfect as today — you already know how amazing it is. And if you haven’t seen it, that’s something you should remedy before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Seeing Crater Lake surrounded by beautiful cyclists (and a whole mess of classic autos as a bonus) was even better. Here’s a tiny taste of what it was like.


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  1. Great Pics ! Wish I was there. I rode last year for the first time and was hooked. Will try again to ride next year but this year, will be following your blog posts. Hi to “Dak” from Portland whom I met and shared many beers with last year. Thanks for your warm hospitality and friendship on last years ride. Hope you are there this year and can ride what I can’t 😉

  2. See my last years finishing pick at the CO board at my website at – What a gorgeous ride last year ! Nothing bears a great pair of legs ( and lungs ) I say 😉

  3. As a daily net onlooker here in Vermont, a former mossback, I am in awe not only of the beauty of your Route, but the stamina of 2012 Cycle Oregon’s participants. Cycle Oregon is our country’s most outstanding amateur event, plus one that supports a worthy cause.