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Day 2: Camas Valley to Bandon

02-Profile-Camas-Valley-to-Bandon-e1452645952509-600x238This 75-mile route kicks off with a two-mile hill that will be talked about for years. It is challenging. There’s no shame in taking a breather, maybe even walking a bit. After reaching the summit, some gentle climbing continues for about three miles before the single-lane road generally flattens out.

The route travels along a ridgeline for miles, with some minor rollers and views of forested hills that extend as far as the eye can see. After the second stop of the day, about 21 miles in, a steep downhill of about two-and-a-half miles begins. There will be marked “resting areas” on this hill for those who want to take a break from the brakes. At the bottom of this steep downhill, seven miles of gentle downhill along the East Fork of the Coquille River leads to lunch at a grassy and treed county park.

Day2-5Traffic will have increased by now, but it should still be very light, with adequate shoulders for cyclists. The first of three successively bigger bumps begins just after lunch, separated by one to three mile lengths of generally flat roadway. A few miles after coasting down from the top of the last of the three bumps, a rest stop in Coquille will offer some much anticipated time off the bike, before riding the final 25 miles to Bandon.

When leaving Coquille, the only bike-friendly road available is the somewhat busy State Highway 42. You’ll ride on the shoulder of that highway for just over three miles before turning left (taking advantage of a center left turn lane) to ride a county road paralleling the Coquille River for nearly 18 miles to its end, at the Oregon Coast Highway (101).

Day2-7After riding on Highway 101 for a short distance, the route leaves the busy highway on a county road. You’ll travel past Bandon Marsh—look for birds!—before entering Old Town Bandon, just a short ride from the overnight site in the city park.

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