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August/September Newsletter Digest

So much to read, so little time. But if you missed the last few newsletters, they are worth taking a quick look. The August issue features:

  • Weekend ride recap
  • “Route Talk” with Ken Chichester (Day 6 from Powers to Riddle)
  • Background on Powers
  • Giving Back: Willamette Academy
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Rider Services
  • “Ask the Veterans”
  • The Training Timetable
  • A feature about the infamous Morry Fealy.

The September issue features:

  • Tips on ways  your friends and family can follow our progress
  • “Route Talk” with Ken Chichester (the triumphant return to Sutherlin)
  • Background on Riddle
  • Volunteer Spotlight: SAG
  • A feature on the Candlelighters (you’ll wonder who these guys are — trust us).

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