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A Great Year for Crane

IMG_0354One of the nicest parts of Cycle Oregon is the symbiotic relationship between the event and the host towns. While the Cycle Oregon Fund pays for a wide variety of projects through grants, the event itself also generates income for the towns we visit.

If you rode last year, no doubt you now have a particular fondness for the students from Crane, who gave us a unique glimpse into what it’s like to attend the only public boarding school in the country.

Our visit provided a fair amount of funding for several of the school’s clubs and sports teams. That money has been put to good use. Proceeds from Cycle Oregon helped fund:

  • New practice jerseys for the basketball and football teams
  • Participation in an increased number of wrestling tournaments (and some of the money will soon help pay for new mats)
  • A field trip for art students
  • A field trip to the coast for the students in grades 6-8
  • A field trip to the interpretive center in Baker for the students in grades 3-5
  • A trip to Ashland for the drama students (pictured)
  • A trip to the Future Farmers of America convention

Cycle Oregon funds also helped purchase a nice barbecue grill for the school, which is used to help raise funds for additional activities during events at the school. Since many parents travel quite far to attend these events, this is a particularly popular fundraising tool.

This turned out to be a banner year for the school’s sport teams as well – every one made it to state playoffs. Go Mustangs!

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  1. The kids in Crane were perhaps some of the most respectful, helpful, downright genuine people I’ve ever met. The adults were ‘aight, too 🙂

    Based on how these kids acted over the course of couple days we spent interacting with them (in Crane, and in Diamond) I would *so* love to send my rebellious, over-privileged 17-year-old son to spend his senior year boarding at Crane HS.

    I don’t suppose the Mustang baseball team needs a +Def 3B with a big bat? 🙂